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Square Inside Profile

30 Degree Inside Profile

MDF Material

  • Using high density MDF (~50 PCF).
  • Prevents warp and ease in finishing


  • 100% Diamond Tooling with Hydraulic tool holders

Door Styles

  • Currently flat panel doors only – 100 Door style.
  • 5-piece door fronts (made as 1-piece MDF)
  • Slabs drawer fronts, 900 doors, 901 doors.
  • Any size stiles and rails (mix and match for door fronts). No spec sized parts charge!
  • 2 Panel doors, Panel Ends, Glass doors, Custom designs

Inside Profiles

  • Square, Eased, Bead, 45 Degree, 30 Degree, Step Square, Small Step, 45 Square.

Outside Profiles

  • Square, Eased, 1/8 Round, 45 Degree, 45-2 Degree.

Additional profiles being added as tooling allows. Please ask.


  • Option 1: No sanding
  • Option 2: Sanding includes front, back, panels and back edge

Hinging available

  • Demountable, press in, or screw in