Delivering Quality Craftsmanship Together

If it matters to your client, it matters to us. Our robust selection of 34 wood species go from light and warm to dark and dusky. There’s something here for every design preference.


Standard Grade

Products will have uniform color and the amount of defect allowed is minimal. Occasional pin knots, very small mineral steaks and some sap in profiles is allowed. Light and clear finishes work well with our standard grade products.

Paint Grade

Available in Red Oak, Birch and Hard Maple. Products manufactured from this sort will contain a mixture of color from very light to very dark, but will be sound with no knots or voids in the material. Very dark stains or painting solid colors on species manufactured from this sort is recommended. We commonly
manufacture doors using an MDF panel contained in a paint grade frame.

Character Grade

Other common names are natural or calico. Products manufactured from this sort will contain as much variation in color as the wood species allows. We blend the heartwood with sapwood along with some defect to achieve a look that truly represents the natural look of the wood species.

Rustic Grade

Everything that character has with more defects allowed. We mostly focus on trying to get sound knots in this sort. More mineral, burl and streaking is also usually present. Knots will be sound but may not be complete. Cracks, voids and chipped knots are common. Stiles and rails will generally contain defects but fewer knots. Our #15 solid (7/16” thick) panel will also contain fewer knots because thinner panels have less knot holding power. On occasion, cracks and knots are puttied on the back of the door.